Sunday, December 15, 2013


Missionary Madi has arrived in Bohol. She has met her new companion Sister Clegg. They instantly loved each other. Sister Jocelynn Clegg (from Eagle, Idaho) has been serving for 3 months so Missionary Madi is her follow up as she called it. This will allow Missionary Madi time to learn the area. We were so surprised the first week when she was e-mailing us so early in the evening. The Philippines is 15 hours ahead of us here in Utah. Typically it is in the middle of the night that she is on e-mail. She told us "I don't like it either but we have no power here so we have to find places that have generators and aren't packed." She told us that they get their power from Leyte and so obviously with the earth quake and then the Typhoon that destroyed the island of Leyte. Power is sporadic and will just come on for a while and then go away.
Missionary Madi states the area she is in is beautiful. She knows that when we come to get her we will love it! She is in Tagbilaran City and her apartment is by far the nicest place she has lived. She says it would be super nice if they had power as then she would have running water and lights.
Missionary Madi is so excited because the senior couple Elder & Sister Caycayon who live a few apartments away have a oven. They made brownies while the senior couple had traveled to Cebu. She was ecstatic for brownies. Brownies by flashlight. Just has a ring to it.
This picture is blurry but they were super excited because the power came on for a moment. It probably is a fun surprise each time it happens.
Strange Sisters to say the least. I guess this is what you call getting to know each other.

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