Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Transfers of a new kind

Missionary Madi is sad to say goodbye to President Jose Andaya and his wife Yolanda. President Andaya believed in this sister missionary and taught her to be confident yet humble and to constantly listen to the spirit. Her favorite saying the past 8 months has been "What was President thinking?" Each time he provided her with new challenges and opportunities for growth she was sure he had lost his mind. He has made sure that our Missionary Madi has been blessed with some of the most incredible experiences that she will ever have in this mortal life. He has blessed her with incredible companions who helped to cultivate her abilities in learning multiple languages and increasing her knowledge of the gospel. Companions who have filled her life with happiness. I know that he loves our daughter and all of the missionaries in the Tacloban Philippines Mission and I am sure that it was a difficult day when he handed over each one of his 204 missionary children to neighboring missions. I am thankful for this wonderful man who has taken on the mantel of Father, Friend, Teacher and Councilor to our Missionary Madi for the past 8 months. Apparently he and his wife will return home now as the mission has been closed. I hope the day will come when I can personally thank the Andaya's for the blessings they have brought into our daughters life.
Their absence will be felt and their influence in Missionary Madi's life will be missed.
Missionary Madi says goodbye to President Andaya and his wife.
Sister Sara Webber (Tooele, Utah) & Missionary Madi
Sister Kramer Cebu East Mission & Sister Dumas Cebu Mission

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