Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Filipino Style

Missionary Madi was not able to actually celebrate Thanksgiving until December 1. The senior couple had been in Cebu and upon returning contacted the sister missionaries and told them they would have a Thanksgiving celebration at their apartment but the sisters had to bring investigators. They were so excited to have a little bit of home extended to them. They were spoiled by being able to have homemade butter rolls made by Elder Caycayon. Sister Caycayon made fresh green salad (luxury in the Philippines - who knew), mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and of course rice. The Filipino people do not think our American food is as exciting as we do.They had cherry crisp with ice cream for desert. For Missionary Madi and the other American sisters this meal was AWESOME! I am pretty sure the Caycayon's have never had more appreciative or excited dinner guests in their lives. Interesting they also had barbequed roasted chicken instead of  turkey, they do not eat turkey like we do. The Thanksgiving dinner fed their spirits as much as it filled their tummies.
This mom loves the wonderful Caycayon's.

 Missionary Madi was excited to celebrate Josephine's Birthday with her. She is getting baptized on Saturday. Missionary Madi is excited for her as she is an incredible young woman. Missionary Madi has been amazed by how much she has advanced in the gospel in the short time she has known her.

I loved this story Missionary Madi related to us in her e-mail home this week.
"We found this amazing new investigator this week that I am so pumped for. He came to the Thanksgiving family home evening and then we taught him the next day and he had read the entire pamphlet (not that cool only like 15 pages but no one else can seem to do it) and he had so many questions and sincerely seemed willing to learn and actually apply our learning. During our lesson with him I had this overwhelming feeling that he is why I am here in Cebu East. Even if he doesn't get baptized or anything I know that we were meant to meet and that the typhoon was supposed to happen and I am supposed to be here. That is probably the biggest thing I have learned through this all is that everything happens for a reason. It is actually my new motto. God truly has a plan for all of us and everything". 

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