Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Call

   7 But behold, they are in the hands of the Lord of the harvest, and they are his; and he will raise them up at the last day.

Happy to see these SMILES!
Once all of the missionaries arrived in Manila and each were given the opportunity to receive medical and emotional evaluations to help them understand and deal with the events of the past week they were interviewed and the decision was made as to where each missionary would be assigned to complete their service in the Philippines. Missionary Madi adapted quickly with the love and support that she received while being allowed to be physically, mentally and spiritually recharged in Manila. They were able to see footage of the aftermath of Yolanda and truly understand the magnitude of the miracle of their survival. They had a special broadcast from Elder Tom Perry. She was able to attend a temple session in the Manila temple.  
Missionary Madi and Sister Adasme have both been called to the Cebu East Mission. However they will not be companions. Missionary Madi states that she believes the Sister Adasme is happy to move on and no longer have a mama, she is ready to be a leader herself.
Missionary Madi was so thankful for the safety of Sister Schaap who was in her batch at the Provo MTC. Sister Schaap was one of the 10 sister missionaries in Tacloban City who were truly blessed by their Heavenly Father at a time that they surly felt that they may not live through the storm. It is humbling to be made aware of their fight for survival. Sister Schaap in an amazing young woman and will continue to need our diligent prayers for peace and comfort. Missionary Madi felt that the things she had experience were nothing in comparison to the suffering of others. I do not attempt to recite these events that happened to these sisters as each rendition I have read has been different. I feel it is their story to tell in their own time and their own way. Some of these stories may never be told because of the sacred nature of each individual experience.
Elder Harvey, Sister Kramer & Sister Schaap

Missionary Madi says Hell-o to Sister Katie Hogge's family!
Sister Kramer,
I talked to my sister, who is serving with your daughter right now. I was on skype with my sister (Sister Hogge) and was able to meet your daughter and talk with her for a minute. She is so sweet! There is a facebook group for families of Tacloban missionaries that has been a wonderful resource for all of us to get information and learn about each other and share our faith in the gospel. I sent you an invite and your daughter said you would want to join!! If you go on there you will see the picture I posted of her and my sister tonight! :)
Nicole Hogge
Missionary Madi says she found her own Mitch Wilkes!

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