Friday, February 21, 2014

Back in Tacloban Philippines Mission

Missionary Madi is back in Tacloban Philippines Mission. She is on Biliran Island in a place called Cabucgayan. It is very beautiful. When she first arrived in Tacloban it was a strong reminder of all that the missionaries have experienced. She was happy to see lots of people from America there helping to rebuild the homes, churches and provide clean up efforts in the city. We are happy for her and pray that she will be blessed to heal and continue to grow and serve the people of Leyte.
Missionary Madi's new stylish apartment. She has been super blessed with nice places to call her home. I am sure that she loves the pink detail on the stair cases. Looks like a princess should live here.
"It is so good to be back here in Tacloban and super surreal. It doesn't feel real at all. We got here yesterday morning at like 10 and went straight to the Tacloban chapel. Seeing all of the destruction again was pretty hard but after awhile you just go numb and it doesn't bother you anymore. There is improvement to it all though so that was nice to see :) I was so excited to see President and Sister Andaya and everyone else it was like going home. The chapel in Tacloban looks pretty good and there was heaps of white people there that are volunteering and doing service. I have never seen so many Americans here and they are mostly all members who are giving up their time to come and help out here. We are truly so blessed :)
- It's like I'm a newbie again back in here and I am so pumped for the work.
- This area is half Cebuano and half Waray Waray so I can understand half of what is going on. :)
- The church attendance here is up like 50 people.
- This place reminds me a lot of my first area.
- I feel the motivation and love for the work again already and I am so excited. |:)
I am truly just so happy. :) It's crazy that we are back and I am so thankful. In all of my prayers I just thank Heavenly Father for sending me back and I thank him for all the hard stuff that he made me go through. It sucked at the time but now I can see why I needed it and how  I have changed and learned so much from it.
Please keep us all in your prayers because as excited and happy as we all are we still need your help.  "

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  1. I'm loving the pink rails. I totally agree a pad meant for a Princess!