Sunday, February 23, 2014

Survival + Healing + Patience = HAPPINESS

Missionary Madi is adapting to her new area. She states that she walks around like a tourist looking at all the beauty around her. It is so beautiful where she is serving that she is still in awe. Her and Sister Mier have to travel from city to city until they are able to find an Internet cafe that is open and has Internet service functioning. This week on their Pday they were hoping that they would not need to travel as far to e-mail however they had to travel to Naval. Which is 36 Kilometers from her area (Cabucgayan). As the picture below depicts this is Missionary Madi's version of PARADISE!

Missionary Madi states she has never taught so many lessons in a week since serving a full time mission. She loves being able to share the gospel with all those who are excited to hear the message and are humble, receptive and eager to accept the gospel. VanVan got baptized on Saturday and Missionary Madi says it was the most spiritual baptism she has ever attended.
She is starting to pick up her third language Waray Waray. 
She states "it is so pangit (ug) but I am trying."
"I realized this week how much I learned in Cebu East. I learned there the blessings that come from being exactly obedient....the rules were easier in Cebu East so I followed them all and now that I am back here in military land I am still following them all and it has made a world of difference. I was never really that bad but I just take it all more seriously now. 
Heavenly Father truly just can't give us all the blessings unless we are obedient. No matter how much he wants to there has to be justice and we have to follow his commandments. All of them. Exact obedience truly does bring miracles."

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