Thursday, February 6, 2014

Busy is a Blessing

Missionary Madi is keeping super busy as a Sister Training Leader and is so busy it is hard for her to think about herself. She was able to go the Mission Home and spend time with the other sisters who are also STL. She said they had a sleepover and spent a lot of time planning lessons and trainings for the sisters in their area.
Missionary Madi finally received her Christmas package from home. I happened to put in some Pop Tarts and apparently I answered one of her American Dreams. She said "Mom, you are an inspired woman. I loved them so much. I was actually going to ask you for them this week." Glad that sending Pop Tarts in a care package is all that is required to be considered "Inspired!"

"We also went on splits with some sisters in our zone and my companion was a newbie that has only been here 3 weeks and speaks no English or Cebuano! It was a very interesting day. We made it work though and we had lots of fun together. That is the thing I love most about being a STL I get to meet and get to know so many different people and all of their stories and they all teach me something."
She also had the Filipino equivalent of a having a door slammed in her face experience this week. She said the people in the home yelled something in broken English and then ran away. She seemed delighted by this event. As if she had been missing out or had failed until this moment.

Missionary Madi was entertained that this sweet lady wanted to show them her bedroom and have them take pictures with her. However I think this is a pretty beautiful bedroom. I can see why this little lady was proud of her interior decorating. She has created her happy place.
All of this hard work was overshadowed as Missionary Madi was informed that they were sending the first batch of missionaries back to the Tacloban Mission. She is concerned with the prospect that she will soon be asked to do the same. At this time she struggles to know what she should do.Tears were shed and Prayers were said. Pleading and seeking wisdom and guidance.

“The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice.”
-  Rick Riordan

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