Saturday, February 8, 2014

Serve Learn Grow

Missionary Madi has been busy working hard as a STL. She is working with different sister missionaries every day. Her and her companion split up and train other sister and their companions in their area. They call it splits. It gives the sister missionaries an opportunity to be trained by working with the sister training leaders. It increases their knowledge to be more effective missionaries.

"We went on splits with Sister Fiti and Sister Diangco. Sister Fiti is from Samoa and is bffs with Sister Goano (my MTC comp). So that was really fun! They are very similar people and it just took me back to the MTC days haha and I loved their area because it was swarming with bata (kids) and they were teaching me all sorts of stuff. To weave those weird leaf things (we put rice in those and cook it) and to say naughty words. I didn't know that until after tho.... and Sister Fiti was super funny to talk to because her English is sketchy and so she says talks in English, Samoan and Cebuano all mixed together. It was a fun game to try and understand her."
Missionary Madi states that she is the "Big White American" She does stick out just a little.

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