Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tacloban Philippines Mission Return Update Info

What up guys??
Its (p) day eve and I am here in the mission home emailing you fools because I am so pasaway (disobedient)!! jk. I am supposed to tell you guys this super nindot (cool) info about Tacloban Mission. idk why you guys cant just wait till ugma (tomorrow) but president told me to do this so I am listening to him. (I am so obedient now, you lucky parents)
1. We currently have the mission President and a former General Authority, Elder Ben Banks going to every apartment in the mission to determine if missionaries can return. They are checking on food, water, power, and condition of apartments.
2. We have returned  26 missionaries already. 20 more next week and probably another 20 the following week.
3. Our goal is to have the mission back together within 60 days.
4. We do not anticipate putting missionaries in the city of Tacloban at this time, but as conditions improve they will be slowly returned as conditions warrant.
5. If a missionary has feelings of trauma about returning, we are having them speak to our mental health advisor with the opportunity to remain in their current mission.

-Elder Nielson (the area President of phili)
Well. now you guys know as much as I do :) I will talk to you all tomorrow! Have a great sleep and if any of you get bored you could send me quotes/talks about the gift of tongues/spiritual gifts.
Sister Madison Bailee Kramer

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