Sunday, March 16, 2014


Missionary Madi has served for 13 Months. She loves the number 13. It is her lucky number. Prior to her mission she was (still is) a huge Taylor Swift fan and on the 13th day of every month she would wear a T Swift t shirt. She told us before she left that she was going to keep that going and wear a T Swift t shirt under her missionary cloths every month on the 13th day. I have no idea if that has happened but I do know this. Missionary Madi made this pact long before she understood the heat and humidity she would be living in. T Swift loves the number 13 and it is her lucky number. So of course it is Missionary Madi's too.
13 We celebrated in true Missionary Madi /T Swift Style. 13
 Perfectly fitting that our 13 month celebration would feature T Swift.
Missionary Madi's Number 1 Fan Elder Koelliker sent her some 13 Month support from Knoxville, Tennessee. We miss Elder BK at our monthly celebrations but would not want him anywhere else.
Lucky Tennessee! Kramer Koelliker Love!

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