Sunday, March 16, 2014

Famous Friends

Missionary Madi was so excited when she was looking through a church training magazine and found pictures of a few of her best friends from back home in Utah. She said the whole ward could not believe that she knew the girls in these pictures. No way they were her friends. Missionary Madi loves these girls. I am sure it made her day to have a little reminder of home.
Missionary Madi's Famous Friends. Before her mission!

"I have had some really cool experiences this week with following the spirit. Like last night we went out and we got punted (the people weren't home) so we decided to go to Janice's house (a recent convert) and we realized as we were walking over there that she didn't come to church and so it was a really good thing we went over there. Her husband works in Manilla so she just takes care of the kids and has a million church callings. So she just needs someone to talk to sometimes. And boy does she like to talk and last night her choice language was Tagalog and mine was English haha it was so funny I just couldn't speak in Cebuano. Its OK though, she understands. haha But it was just a really good lesson and I knew afterwards that that is exactly where we were supposed to go. It's an amazing feeling to know you have been lead by the spirit and actually listened."
There is BEAUTY ALL AROUND! The country and the people. BLISS!

Missionary Madi loves how silly the men in her ward are. She said they were all making funny faces and making her laugh. Only in the Philippines. She loves the Filipino People so much.
I really don't think she is coming home.
Missionary Madi gathering water that is safe for her to drink. This is normal right?
The things she has learned and considers just part of her life now. AMAZING!

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