Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Builder Madi.....

Missionary Madi was able to perform a Community Service Project (CSP) for the first time on her mission. She was super excited as they assisted a family with many children to build a bed. They are one of her favorite families "The Tequillos". The father of the house taught the sister missionaries (Sister Kramer & Sister Henshaw) how to build the bed and supplied the tools and supplies. They had a blast. Missionary Madi let her dad know that he would be proud of her as she had some skills that she is sure he taught her.
However she did learn to use a hand saw and states that it is a ART!
Industrious Sister Missionaries. 
"So no worries guys I now know how to build a case that is ever necessary. And I am pretty sure it could only hold like one American maybe two children but I can do it. Dad you would be proud. I totes taught all the other girls how to hammer. And I learned how to hand saw it is really an art. And then after we were done I wanted to paint the bed...they found that absurd. But I am going to keep trying so that it is cute. :)"

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