Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Zoo

Missionary Madi went to a ZOO. OK so not really a zoo just someones front yard where they have zoo animals and she says they take good care of them. Another one of those "only in Phili moments". Missionary Madi states that it is really cool because you can touch the animals, reach in the cages and basically do whatever you want.However if you can reach in they can also reach out. Eeek! She stated no worries though because the lions do not have claws. This did not make her feel any better about the situation. She looks pretty comfortable with most of the animals except for the lion. She says that she looks calm but she was freaking out. If you look at her hand and her foot (curling toes out of her shoe away from lion cage) it is obvious she was not comfortable being that close to The King of the Jungle.

"The zoo! That lion wanted to eat me! I was trying to smile but I was really freaking out.

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