Sunday, March 16, 2014


Missionary Madi went to a giant Family Home Evening. They had yummy food which I of course asked her what it was. She said it is called Pancit. It's like noodles and veggies. I also asked her if the floor of this room was dirt or carpet. She said it was concrete they do not have carpet in the Philippines that she has seen.
Missionary Madi was blessed to attend another baptism. She states she did the least amount for this newest member of the church. The ward was responsible for his conversion and they were his missionaries. She says Romelito has been attending meetings and seminary for over a year but his parents had not given him permission to be baptized until after the typhoon. She said every young man and young woman in the ward was there to support him.They all love him and were crying because they were so happy that he could finally be baptized a member of the church. He is so busy with church activities that it was a struggle for the sisters to be able to find time to prepare him for his baptism date. But they finally cornered him at church on Sunday and made it happen.+
What an incredible example of FAITH!

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