Monday, March 24, 2014


Missionary Madi was super excited that she finally received mail. There were several packages sent to her in Cebu East prior to her being transferred back to the Tacloban Mission. Packages arrived for her in Cebu East almost simultaneously with her move to Tacloban. The Cebu East office let us know that they would send packages and mail with other missionaries as they returned to the PTM Mission. Some elders decided to go and check the post office in Tacloban to see if there was mail there. There was actually lots of mail for missionaries from before the Typhoon. No one was in the area so no one checked to see if there was mail.
Missionary Madi had a good friend who made her yummy homemade cookies and mailed her a fun package prior to the storm on November 8, 2013. Lucky Missionary Madi the package had arrived and was still being held with other mail at the post office (if they have post offices - no idea). However keep in mind Missionary Madi received this package on March 12, 2014. She of course being a good sport tried one of the cookies. She stated it was "Disgusting!" Had to laugh at her. Why would she even dare to try one?
Her valentines chocolates from her dad were a melted mess. Dad apologized as he never thought about the heat melting the chocolate. She told him no worries I still ate them!

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