Thursday, August 8, 2013


Missionary Madi is doing great and adjusting to her new city. She misses Matalom as the people there were like her family. Ormoc is a much larger area and the people are not as nice. Her companion is growing and adjusting to living in the Philippines and Missionary Madi states she does not remember it being this hard for her to adjust or perhaps she was just born Filipino.

Puppy Love

Utah Sisters
They had an activity which in her own words was lame but she found a tree to climb and a tree house to play in, which made it fun. Looks like they had fun.

Sister Adasme & Sister Kramer - Twin's Separated from their Twins

She seems to get lost, a lot. Even when they are being guided by people who live in the area. While they were out looking as she calls it. She found the most beautiful area and she wanted to share all of the pictures of it.

A few random but fun facts:
They were out looking and she "ate it" (which means she fell hard) it was pouring rain and she fell and was wet and muddy. She was on her way to a meeting so she said she felt really pretty after that.
Love her Fish Tail Braid - so fashionable!
She found cheese and was super EXCITED.
She got a package from her cousin Teronda full of her favorite treats - Sour Patch Watermelon.
Thanks Teronda for the Package!
Missionary Madi's only comment on the following was "I swear these kids were dead".
This is what dead tired looks like. 

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