Monday, August 12, 2013

Losses and Gains

Missionary Madi LOST her camera this week and is devastated to the point of declaring actually having feelings of DEPRESSION! She takes thousands of pictures and is so sad. She asks that we all pray that she is granted a miracle and she will find her camera.
BOO! For lost camera and the memories captured on it!

However there are amazing GAINS happening for Missionary Madi. They were riding on a tricycle and their driver was a man named Junior. They got joking and talking and he told Missionary Madi and her companion that they could teach him. They were so excited to go and teach him and his family. She says that he is the Phili version of her brother Ryan. Which means he is must be awesome and funny and maybe just a little crazy. She loved his family and spending time with them. His eleven year old daughter was so ready to hear their message she answered all of their questions and said the prayer when they were done sharing their message with them. Missionary Madi said the prayer was perfect.
Junior and his family

Missionary Madi loved the camo!
Missionary Madi is starting to see the blessings in the lives of those she teaches. She stated that when she was in sacrament meeting on Sunday she just kept praying to Heavenly Father thanking him for all of the blessings he has poured out to her and helping the people of the Philippines to feel his spirit in their lives. It is wonderful to have them accept and commit to follow the teachings of Christ.

Missionary Madi found this cute little girl sleeping in the market adorable. It seems that children are allowed to sleep wherever and whenever it is necessary. She seems perfectly content.

Sleeping Beauty!

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