Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sisterly Mischeif

Happy, Happy, Happy!
 Missionary Madi loves sharing the  gospel with her investigators. She loves Junior (Filipino Ryan) and his family. 
Missionary Madi loves this family.
The Planos are another family that the sisters are teaching and she is impressed with these beautiful  twin sisters who are setting a wonderful example for their family. They came to church on Sunday and Missionary Madi could not have been more happy. Missionary Madi wants us to pray for her families.
Missionary Madi asks "Why are the young women always the best?"
Missionary Madi is having a lot of fun with the 3 other Sister Missionaries that are now living together and serving the people of Ormoc. They have been out on the town eating sushi and learning to love the culture they are now immersed in. Wild to think this beautiful blond American is speaking Cebauno like it is her native language and feeling at home in the Philippines.

Happy, Happy, Happy!
SUSHI! Yum! Proud Moment Ate a Shrimp Head!
EGG ON YOUR ........
Missionary Madi broke an egg all over herself while shopping the clerk asked her if it was her first time holding an egg.
Glowing with the light of Christ! :)

This picture is for Pete! He always wants to know if Missionary Madi drives a dump truck!

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