Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Missionary Madi sends home lots of fun pictures with zero explanation. Explanation or not it is amazing to be able to witness some of the adventures and activities she participates in with Sister Adasme and the Elders in her area. However a week later I now know the rest of the story.
 Lovin' LIFE in Ormoc, Philippines!
American Sisters Kramer & Adasme (looks like they found the ocean.
Missionary Madi and her companion Sister Adasme went to Albuera for a district meeting. After the meeting they went to lunch by the ocean. A man kept catching fish so they all decided to play with them I guess. All the boys (I think she means Elders) were freaking out because she knew how to hold a fish and was OK with it (she thanks her dad for that). Always one upping the boys.
Missionary Madi says that Elder Sykay thinks he is on a dating show not a mission.
Missionary Madi Fish Kiss!
Seems pretty fishy to me!
Missionary Madi loves a stray dog or two.

Beautiful rock trail or pathway (or SEWER Byway- Eeek) - Somewhere is Ormoc
Missionary Madi is on top of the world (or Wall)! Love her!

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