Monday, August 12, 2013

Moving Day! What?

Once again "What was President thinking?"
Missionary Madi has only been in Ormoc for a little over two weeks and has moved again. On Saturday she got a text from the Zone Leaders telling her and her companion that they were moving. She totally thought it was a joke. Not so. She moved. However she is super excited as they moved in with Sister Dumas and her companion Sister Bogenshutz. Missionary Madi loves them both and says they are "sick". She is not sure what President is thinking but they are having lots of fun and never shut up! Her poor companion Sister Adasme is shy and quiet but Missionary Madi says she is bringing out her inner crazy and they have lots of fun. Sister Adasme has an identical twin (she misses so bad) who is also serving in the Philippines but in a different area. It is safe to say Missionary Madi's comp will never be the same.
Missionary Madi's New Crib
Ormoc living is much nicer and cleaner - but no ocean
New fancy bedroom

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