Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Peoples Kids.....Don't Try This At Home

Missionary Madi's Mothers Bad Example!

Explanation: When Missionary Madi's mother was young and lived 20 miles out of town with many of her 9 siblings they would get bored. With that boredom usually came along some super stupid (and perhaps dangerous) ideas of what fun is. One of these such occasions might have included Avon Body Splash (Green liquid containing key agent - Alcohol), matches and her mothers fingers and eventually hand. So to show her younger sister and older brothers some super cool human fire burning tricks she would dip her finger first into the Avon Body Splash and then light it on fire. Ahh! Ooooo! Burning fingers of fun. Then as an encore she would move onto saturating the whole hand in Avon Body Splash and then Oooooo! Ahhhhh! Oooooo! Burning hand flames of fun! This seriously could entertain for hours.

*NOTE to parents seriously do not leave your children home alone - everything you think they would never do in your absence -They Do!

Never would a mother think that of all the things one has taught her children that this would be the "Thing" that they choose to pursue perfecting. In the words of Missionary Madi "What was President Thinking" Supervision please at the Sisters apartment.
Missionary Madi and her roomies need SUPERVISION!

It is always a great idea to try and start yourself on fire. I know you are protected but not sure if stupidity is.
Sister Dumas also somehow started the food she was cooking on fire. The sisters were all screaming and running for their cameras rather than attempting to put out the fire.
A Priesthood intervention is definitely needed here.
Sister Dumas Cooking = Fire!

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