Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trainer - Drainer

Missionary Madi is attempting to learn her way around her new area of Ormoc and be an obedient, loving trainer to her new baby. She says the language is Cebuano (same) so that is fine. She is struggling to learn all the names of the member of the ward (she might have mentioned that the Filipino people tend to look a lot alike). She went from a branch of 20 to a ward of 200. She no longer gets to see the ocean on a daily basis. The people are more affluent in this area (had to let her know what the word affluent meant). Her new companion Sister Adasme is very smart and knows the language well. It sounds like she may be just a little shy and is learning to be independent and how to be an individual as she is also a twin. Big news "Pizza!" So excited to find Pizza and that it actually tastes good. We are not sure if it is really good or if she has just forgotten what real American Pizza tastes like. 
The fact that there is pizza has now made Ormoc her favorite place.
Gross but pretty Dragon Fruit
Sister Dumas a friend from Utah State is in Missionary Madi's area.
Sister Dumas lived across the hall from Missionary Madi's friends while they were attending Utah State in Logan, Utah. She and Missionary Madi hit it off and loved each others company. Super fun surprise to both be called to serve in the Philippines and now to be serving in the same area.

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