Thursday, January 9, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Filipino Christmas Cheer! Lights! Yard Decorations!
Missionary Madi is a crazy girl. She does not really love morning and it must have been very strange to wake up Christmas morning in the Philippines. For the first time in 20 years to find herself thousands of miles away from family and friends to celebrate one of her favorite holidays in the humblest of fashions. Every year for months before Christmas she would watch all of her favorite Christmas movies in anticipation of the Christmas season. Our Christmas wish for her would be that she was feeling like the Madi that we all love and enjoy. We are thankful that she was able to bless the lives of the Filipino people in Bohol. What an amazing young woman she is. 
Christmas Morning Young and Tired!

Missionary Madi was excited they put together treat bags and took them around to the kids who would have had nothing for Christmas. Fun for the sisters to give rather than receive. 
We are blessed with so much while others have so little.
They went to the White Peoples house for a real American Christmas dinner. Lots of treats like brownies and ice-cream. Missionary Madi was lucky to have her own personal stylist who loved to do her hair. So Missionary Madi had an extra special braid for the Christmas party.


So I know you are all prolly missing me soooo much this holiday time. Lets get real. I make Christmas. I am the only kid left in the house...I can't even imagine how low your yule tide spirit is right now. So......... in classic MK spirit...lets play name that movie
Holiday hubbity whaty?
You're not Santa. What song did I sing to you last year on your birthday?
Charlie, how could I have done this without you? You couldn't.
Not too hot. Not too cold. And shaken not stirred.
Hate hate hate double hate LOATHE ENTIRELY
Candy. Candy cane. Candy corn and syrup.
Ones mans stench is anothers mans popery. (I have no idea how to spell it)
Down a size and a half!! And this time I'll keep it up.
But what will I wear??
Julie your waiter gave you pajamas??

The first one to email me the answers gets a monkey.
Elder & Sister Caycayon made morning crapes for the Sister's to enjoy Christmas Morning!
Love them for spoiling our girls!

Missionary Madi was MISSING us and then............
Made Gingerbread Houses! Went to the beach. Beautiful! Hard to miss snowy Utah when you are walking in warm white sand on an incredibly beautiful beach in the Philippines. She will most likely never have another Christmas like this.
Traveling does not agree with this girl!

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