Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tacloban Philippines Mission Families

Sister Kramer, Sister Bogenschutz and Sister Dumas (our daughters served with Sister Bogenschutz)
So I hope all of these awesome missionary parents do not mind that they have made it onto Missionary Madi's blog. Unlike most missionaries a lot of the parents of the missionaries of the Philippines Tacloban Mission have had the opportunity to communicate and reach out during and after the Typhoon which led to the closure of the Philippines Tacloban Mission and subsequent removal of all missionaries serving on the island of Leyte. Many of us were able to offer and receive love and support through a very difficult time. Each one of us parents understands the feelings of fear and helplessness that we experienced prior to being notified of the safety of our sisters and elders. Always attempting to maintain a positive attitude that all would be well but experiencing those very real human emotions of doubt and worry. The greatest thing for us going through this experience is the uniting of parents in love and support for each other. This love and support is on going.  It has been an amazing experience.
I personally want to say "THANK YOU" it has been a pleasure to stand beside each one of you.
So in this picture kneeling in the front is Sister Estes parents. Sister Smith's parents. Then Sister Lindsey's parents. Next is Sister Schaap's parents (Smith's, Lindsey's & Schaap's sister missionaries were all together during the storm in Tacloban - their story has been highly publicized). Then the Kramer's who LOVE Missionary Madi, Then Elder Lowe's parents (only Elder Represented). Then Sister Browns parents.
Sister Dumas parents and brother.
 The Kramer's look forward to the opportunity to meet many more of the missionary parents who have Elders and Sisters who served in the Philippines Tacloban Mission!

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