Sunday, January 5, 2014

Branch Christmas Party

Missionary Madi was excited for their Branch Christmas Party and that they could spread some Christmas Spirit with the people of the Philippines.
"We had our branch Christmas party and it was soooo fun! we got to go give presents to people who literally had nothing. Yesterday gihapon we went around and gave our fav members and our investigators presents and it was so heart breaking. We are soooo spoiled. What we gave them (the candy mom sent me) was all they got for Christmas. Literally. That is soooo sad. And they are still so happy. I have honestly never had a better Christmas because none of it has been about me. Giving truly is living. I hope I remember this for next Christmas when I am at home."
Cheesing with the Branch President! Love that these girls can bring happiness to all!

These children are getting Baptized (Bunyaged) on Saturday. Blessings abound in the mission field.

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